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Why should I record 360-degree video?

Recording 360-degree video gives you the opportunity to be fully immersed in every recorded memory. But before VIRB 360, it wasn’t worth the hassle. With one-touch recording and one-click stabilization¹, Garmin makes shooting, sharing and watching 360 video easier and better than ever.

What is 360 video, and how does it work?

Two lenses capture everything above, below and around the camera — a full sphere of high-quality photos and videos.


What is unique about VIRB 360?

A lot, actually. VIRB 360 is the first to pack the following new features — and more — into its small, lightweight body:

How much does VIRB 360 capture?

VIRB 360 captures fully spherical videos and photos. That means virtually everything above, below and around the camera so you’ll never again have to worry about framing your shot.

Where can I view my VIRB 360 videos?

You can watch 360 videos with interactive viewing on the free VIRB® Mobile app, VIRB® Edit desktop software, YouTube®, Facebook®, tablets or with virtual reality (VR) devices.

To view interactive 360 YouTube videos on a desktop, you’ll need Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Do I need a VR headset to watch 360 videos?

No. You can view 360 videos on capable mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers without a VR headset.

Are VIRB 360 videos ready to share?

Yes. Videos up to 4K are stitched in the camera and can be instantly shared to YouTube and Facebook through the VIRB Mobile app. Even view 360 videos in VR after uploading the files to the VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software.

Can I record using just 1 camera lens?

Yes. From the camera menu, you can change the settings to record standard, fixed-frame video in full HD at 60fps and 120fps.

What is stitching?

Stitching is the process of combining video footage or photos captured by the camera’s 2 lenses. VIRB 360 will automatically stitch your footage in the camera in up to 4K/30fps resolution, saving you time and energy.

How does stitching work with VIRB 360?

Out of the box, the camera will do the stitching for you. For a higher resolution and more control, you can record in 5K or 5.7K resolution and use the video stitching software of your choice to stitch the footage.

Download the lens profile for Autopano, software that can stitch your 5K and 5.7K footage.

Does VIRB 360 also capture photos?

Yes. VIRB 360 captures breathtaking, fully spherical 15-megapixel photos — stitched in camera.


Does this camera have image stabilization?

Yes. VIRB 360 is the first 360 camera to feature 4K spherical stabilization. With 1 click in the VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software, you can stabilize your video in up to 4K resolution using the following 3 modes of stabilization: stabilize, follow and lock.

What does each stabilization mode do?

How does stabilization work?

VIRB 360 has many built-in sensors that record data about how your camera is moving. Using the VIRB Mobile app or desktop software, the videos can easily be stabilized.

How fast can I view stabilized footage?

Immediately, using the VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software. Just select a mode of stabilization, and with 1 click your video is instantly stabilized. Your video will be permanently stabilized when it is shared or exported.


What is 360-degree audio?

360-degree audio, or spatial audio, is kind of like surround sound. The 4 built-in microphones capture audio from every direction. You’ll hear everything in front of, behind and beside you — totally immersing you in every experience.  

Where can I view my videos with 360-degree audio applied?

Your videos will have 360-degree audio when viewed on the VIRB Mobile app, in VIRB Edit desktop software or when shared on Facebook and YouTube.

Does VIRB 360 support external microphones?

Other than the 4 built-in microphones, VIRB 360 only supports Bluetooth® microphones.

How do I use voice control4?

Voice control is always active. Just say, “OK, Garmin,” when you want to give a voice command. You can ask VIRB 360 to start/stop recording, take photos, enable/disable Wi-Fi® and more. Even say, “Remember that,” and the camera marks that point in your footage to easily revisit later.


Can I control VIRB 360 using the mobile app?

Yes. The app allows you to start/stop recording, view status and change settings.

Can I preview my shots?

Yes, the app provides a live, draggable video or photo preview.

How do I stabilize footage in the mobile app?

Tap the stabilization icon during playback, and your videos will instantly stabilize.

How do I use VR mode?

Tap the VR goggles icon during playback, and your video will render in VR mode. The mobile app is compatible with headsets such as Google Cardboard.

How do I share videos?

Just tap Share after editing. It’s that easy.

How do I livestream5 360 video?

In the app, tap the Mode button on the viewfinder, select the livestreaming service of your choice, sign in, and tap Go Live. You must be connected to the app to livestream.


What are G-Metrix™ augmented reality data overlays?  

Augmented reality data overlays show your data in real time inside your 360 video footage. 

What kind of data can I add to my videos?

VIRB 360 is loaded with built-in sensors such as GPS, altimeter, accelerometer and compass to automatically record information about your activity. Add more Garmin sensors for even more data.

How do I add G-Metrix augmented reality data overlays?

Pick a preset template of data fields, or customize and add data fields one at a time using the VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software. You’ll see your overlays when you share or export your video.


How do I mount VIRB 360?

VIRB 360 can be mounted to standard tripod connections (1/4”–20), VIRB mounts and other common camera mounts for helmets, handlebars and more.

How do I attach and remove the mounting cradles?

Insert 1 side of the camera into the cradle teeth, then press the camera down. To release, press the cradle release button, and remove the camera.

Can I use the camera underwater?

VIRB 360 is waterproof6, so you can use it for all activities on and around the water. Image quality may be lower underwater.

What microSD™ card should I use?

VIRB 360 requires a UHS-I, Class U3 or higher microSD card.  

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes. The battery door is on the bottom of the camera. You can get additional batteries and dual battery chargers.

Is there an external power option?

There are waterproof external power connections on the bottom of VIRB 360. You can also get water-resistant cables and connections for USB or 12-V power sources.

1Stabilization is applied using the VIRB Mobile app or VIRB Edit desktop software and is only available for videos stitched in camera
2On-device stitching only up to 4K/30fps
3Augmented reality G-Metrix overlays are added using mobile or desktop app before sharing
4Voice control available for English (U.S., U.K.), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and Mandarin
5Livestreaming available only on compatible Apple® devices
6Device waterproof to 10 meters; See

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Garmin is under license. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.