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Unlock Garmin-Compiled Malsingmaps (for Malsingmaps Community)

If you have problems installing the maps, please contact Malsingmaps Community.

How to Install the map?

Step 1-2-3.
Download the map(.img) file onto your hard drive.
Enter your member ID and Password, and the serial number of your unit to generate the unlock code. Paste the unlock code in a plain text editor and save it in uml format and name it the same filename as the map img file. (you can register with this link ,
Find the Garmin folder on the Garmin drive, and save the map(.img) file and the unlock code (.uml) file in the Garmin folder.
Generate the unlock code for Garmin-compiled Malsingmaps.How to find the unit ID?
Please enter your Malsingmaps Forum Username, Password and the unit ID of your Garmin device.

How to find the unit ID?

The unit ID is 8-10 charaters long and contains no spaces or dashes. Take nuvi for example, touch Tools>Settings>System>About, and you will see the unit ID.