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Garmin authorised retailer certificate







Authorised Retailer Certificate


Garmin Corporation is pleased to announce the new Garmin Authorised Retailer Certificate logo (refer to above), to ensure our customers will be confident with good service and able to purchase company good.


Garmin retailer authorised by NaviCom to sell Garmin products are eligible to participate in the authorised retailer program. We have issued authorised form for our customers to identify which will be available at retailers storefront.


Garmin authorised retailer will provide outstanding customer service, both at the time of sale and if any warranty or defect replacement issues should arise. Customers can identify Garmin authorised retailers by the authorization form that were issued by Garmin Corporation, which will be displayed on storefronts, tradeshow booths or websites.


Please find out more information on, and you will know who are the authorised retailers and which one is the closest to you.



Authorised Distributor

NaviCom Technology Pte Ltd

51 Ubi Avenue 1, #01-22 Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408933 | Tel : (65) 6296 8238  Fax : (65) 6295 0996 | Email : [email protected] | Website :


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