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Garmin Disputes False Announcements Regarding Junction View Support for Models Other than nüvi 255W and 760 in Singapore and Malaysia

Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, disputes false announcements from one of Garmin authorised distributors, in which it mentioned junction view support for models other than nüvi 255W Sing/Mal and nüvi 760 Sing/Mal versions. Installing junction images on other models and reversing the software version might cause failures or severe damage to the unit. Our warranty does not cover failures and damage due to attempts alike. Garmin suggests users updating the corresponding unit software as what we offer online in order to prevent failures and damage. Future updates for junction view display will also exclude models other than nüvi 255W Sing/Mal and nüvi 760 Sing/Mal.

The newly launched nüvi 255W Sing/Mal is preloaded with junction view images of intersections and exits, making unfamiliar intersections and exits easy to navigate. And users who purchased nüvi 760 Sing/Mal version can upgrade the unit software to version 2.30 via Garmin website to enable junction view display*.By the end of April, Garmin will update at least 200 extra junction images for Malaysia on The update will be nüvi 255W Sing/Mal and nüvi 760 Sing/Mal exclusive. And Garmin will continuously provide junction view updates for 255W Sing/Mal and nüvi 760 Sing/Mal via Garmin official website.

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* Garmin City Navigator® Sing/Mal v4.0 or later supports junction view display.

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