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“Never stop cycling” with Garmin’s expanded cycling ecosystem

Take on terrains all over the world while riding indoors, easily sync indoor and outdoor workouts, tap into performance metrics and more to make every ride count

Singapore, 14 August 2020 – Garmin Singapore today announced their latest additions to the cycling range, including the newly launched indoor cycling product category, offering avid cyclists more choices for both indoor and outdoor cycling.

“With the new indoor cycling product category, Garmin’s cycling ecosystem is now even more comprehensive for cyclists of all levels and terrains. The Tacx range of indoor cycling trainers raises the bar on indoor bike training with some of the most quiet, realistic and accurate trainers available on the market today, pushing everything we know about indoor cycling to the next level,” said Mr. Scoppen Lin, Director, Garmin Asia. “Boasting a combination of performance, navigation, awareness and connectivity features, the new Edge GPS cycling computers and Varia radar makes it easy for all riders to take their adventure to the next level.”

Sync and analyse rides with Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus

The Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus, Garmin’s latest GPS bike computers include state of the art navigation, performance insights and safety and tracking features. Engineered for cyclists, by cyclists, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus will not only track a ride, but monitor stats, provide training guidance and more. Ideal for riding no matter the weather conditions, the Edge 130 Plus features a button design and a 1.8-inch display that’s sharp and easy to read, whereas the Edge 1030 Plus offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen display that is quick and responsive – even when wet or used with gloves.

Designed for year-round riding, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus allow cyclists to sync indoor and outdoor workouts automatically from Garmin Connect or other training apps, including TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad, right to their device. During a ride, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus use vital data to provide dynamic performance insights, including VO2 max and heart rate1, while the ClimbPro feature lets riders see the remaining ascent and grade for each of their climbs when following a route or course. Whether commuting to work or out riding with friends, built-in safety and tracking features include incident detection, assistance and LiveTrack to let loved ones follow a cyclists’ real-time location and view their entire preplanned course to see where they’re headed².

Smart connectivity features mean cyclists won’t have to reach for their phone when using the Edge 130 Plus and 1030 Plus. Text messages will appear on the device screen so cyclists can view them at a glance and keep on riding. A weather page will display current and forecasted conditions, as well as weather alerts to help keep users from getting stuck in a downpour. When paired with a compatible smartphone, the Edge 130 Plus automatically uploads rides to the Garmin Connect online fitness community and is customisable by downloading configurable data fields from the Connect IQ store.


Edge 130 Plus

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Edge 130 Plus – A compact GPS bike computer with training features

Stay on track with the Edge 130 Plus. GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites, plus a built-in altimeter provide greater coverage and more accurate ride data so cyclists know how far, fast and high they ride. Before heading out, riders can plan and download their routes using the Course Creator in Garmin Connect, which uses Trendline popularity routing to provide riders with the best road, mountain or gravel routes that are aggregated from those most traveled by fellow cyclists. While riding, easy-to-read course prompts and a breadcrumb map let cyclists see where they’ve been and where they’re going. At the end of a ride, it will even direct users back to their starting location.

The Edge 130 Plus will keep track of detailed mountain biking metrics, including jump count, jump distance and hang time so they can relive every heart-racing run. Features up to 12 hours of battery life while using GPS and up to ten hours when using two sensors.


Edge 1030 Plus – The ultimate GPS cycling computer

Edge 1030 Plus

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Get ready for any ride, from remote gravel trails to epic climbs, with the Edge 1030 Plus. Preloaded Garmin Cycle Maps have wider coverage than ever before and include turn-by-turn navigation and alerts that notify riders of sharp curves ahead. Cyclists can create new rides and courses right on their device or use Trendline popularity routing to find routes based on billions of miles of ride data that other users have uploaded. Using the preloaded Trailforks app, riders can view trail details from more than 80 countries right on the device. When stopped mid-ride, Forksight mode automatically displays upcoming forks in the trail and shows riders where they are within a trail network.

The Edge 1030 Plus lets riders see how their body is holding up in different environments with heat and altitude acclimation3 and receive in-ride notifications when it’s time to refuel or rehydrate. In addition to jump count, jump distance and hang time, other mountain bike features include Grit, which rates the difficulty of a ride using GPS, elevation and accelerometer data, and Flow, which measures how smoothly a cyclist descends a trail.

Cyclists can ride in just moments, instead of wasting time configuring settings after powering the Edge 1030 Plus on for the first time. Riders will now get prepopulated custom ride profiles based on their previous Edge settings, while new users will automatically receive the most popular set-ups from other users based on their sensors and ride types. Additional safety features include group messaging and tracking to let cyclists stay in touch when they get separated from the pack.² The Edge 1030 Plus features up to 24 hours of battery life while using GPS, multiple paired sensors and connected features, including LiveTrack.


Explore a one-of-a-kind indoor cycling experience with Tacx

Enjoy a safe, weatherproof indoor cycling experience on Tacx’s revolutionary range of indoor cycling trainers and rollers including NEO Bike Smart, NEO 2T Smart, Flux 2 Smart and Flux S Smart, allowing athletes to train whenever, and however, they want.

NEO Bike Smart – unprecedented, one-of-a-kind immersive indoor cycling experience

Cyclists can take advantage of structured training plans, race against live opponents, upload GPS data and ride on 3-D maps while also creating their own workouts based on slope, power, heart rate or FTP. Using the smart bike in stand-alone mode, it will simulate a flat road; the faster a cyclist rides, the higher the resistance.

The dynamic inertia feature controls a rider’s mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to simulate a smooth outdoor ride indoors. During a ride, descent simulation accurately imitates a downhill drive while the new pedal stroke analysis feature measures the position of a rider’s left and right legs to analyze their pedaling technique and help them develop a more effective pedal stroke.

To keep track of a cyclist’s performance and progress, the NEO Bike Smart provides reliable, accurate and consistent measurements of their speed, power and cadence. The exceptionally quiet motor delivers more power and generates higher resistance levels while measuring data accurately within 1%.

The NEO Bike Smart features a 4.5-inch display and allows for customisation of the pedals, saddle, handlebar and more.

NEO 2T Smart – an exceptionally quiet and accurate smart indoor bike trainer

Engineered to simulate an outdoor ride as realistically and quietly as possible, the NEO 2T Smart features a redesigned motor, enhanced performance analytics and more, making it the most powerful and intuitive indoor cycling trainer till date.

Redesigned magnets boost the overall stillness of the NEO 2T Smart, helping to reduce noise and vibration during use. What’s more, the motor delivers more power and generates higher resistance levels while measuring data accurately within 1%. To help cyclists improve their power distribution and cycling performance, the bike trainer is equipped with capacitive left and right sensors that accurately measure leg position. Added standard ANT+ cycling dynamics allow riders to analyse their pedal stroke via third party software, including the software on Garmin Edge bike computers.

The NEO 2T Smart reacts instantly to speed or incline changes to create the ultimate indoor training simulation. It also features dynamic inertia which controls a rider’s mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination while descent simulation accurately imitates a downhill drive. During a ride, descent simulation accurately imitates a downhill drive while the new pedal stroke analysis feature measures the position of a rider’s left and right legs to analyze their pedaling technique and help them develop a more effective pedal stroke.

Featuring a redesigned rear axle, the NEO 2T Smart is compatible with even more bikes, without the need for adapters. Additionally, it offers you the option to connect to the mains. When not connected, it will generate its own energy and is powered when it’s cycled on.

Flux 2 Smart – a powerful and realistic smart direct drive trainer

Offering immersive features and additional refinements, the NEO 2 Smart is one of the most quiet, realistic and accurate bike trainers available. Measuring data accurately within 1%, the unique motor design allows for a maximum sprint resistance of 2,200 watts and simulates climbs up to a 25% incline. Designed to simulate an outdoor ride while indoors, dynamic inertia controls a rider’s mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to make the ride feel as realistic as possible. During a ride, descent simulation accurately imitates a downhill drive while the new pedal stroke analysis feature measures the position of a rider’s left and right legs to analyze their pedaling technique and help them develop a more effective pedal stroke.

The Flux 2 Smart can also be used in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat road; the faster the ride, the higher the resistance.

Flux S Smart – an easy-to-use, reliable, accurate and quiet direct drive trainer

The FLUX S Smart is a reliable, accurate and quiet direct drive trainer that features a heavy flywheel for a realistic ride feel. Measuring data accurately within 3%, the FLUX S Smart is designed to provide power, speed and cadence measurements to help riders track their performance and progress. To train for those big climbs, the FLUX S Smart realistically simulates inclines up to a 10% gradient and powers sprints up to 1,500 watts.

Get more from your indoor ride with the Tacx Training App

Designed to make a ride feel as realistic as possible, cyclists can use the Tacx software or take on the virtual worlds of Zwift to experience the road feel feature, which lets the trainer simulate the feeling of riding on different surfaces, like cobblestone and gravel.

The Tacx Training app allows riders to stream a large collection of high-quality films4 and virtually experience their favorite courses, from famous classics to the steep hills of the Alps, live opponents, 3D map rides, structured workouts and more. By downloading films ahead of time using the desktop version, riders can avoid interruptions due to buffering for the best virtual cycling experience possible. What’s more, users can create or upload GPS data from an Edge cycling computer, or by linking a Strava account and the app will create a 3D map ride, meaning there are no boundaries on where cyclists can train.

While riding, cyclists can view their speed, power, cadence and heart rate5 right on the screen. This data can then be accessed afterwards to help users analyze performance and help them train better. Additionally, cyclists can race against friends who are currently riding the same course, or even select previous rides and use them as a virtual training partner6.

While using the desktop or tablet version of the Tacx Training app, riders can structure workouts based on target slope, power or FTP and sync these plans between all devices and even share them with friends. The Tacx Training app also syncs seamlessly with Strava, making it easy for cyclists to export and share training data.

The Tacx Training app is now available on smartphones, tablets and desktops. More information on subscriptions and pricing can be found here.


Ride safer with Varia RTL515 taillight radar

Stay aware of approaching cars with the Varia RTL515. When paired with a compatible Garmin device, the new Varia app, or a dedicated radar display unit, cyclists will receive both visible and audible alerts warning them of vehicles approaching from behind, up to 140 metres away. For riders using the Varia RTL515 during a daytime ride, the taillight can be seen up to a mile away, making it easier for drivers to see a cyclist before the radar sees the vehicle. What’s more, the Varia RTL515 now includes peloton mode, providing a low-intensity flash that is easier on other cyclists’ eyes while riding in a group.

Pairing the Varia RTL515 with the new Varia app is like having eyes on the back of a helmet, alerting cyclists to approaching vehicles. While riding, cyclists will receive color-coded alerts on their phone – green means everything is OK, amber means a vehicle is coming and red means a car is approaching at high speed. In addition to the graphics, tone and vibration alerts will let cyclists know when a vehicle is coming.

When used with a compatible smartphone, the Varia RTL515 integrate with popular third-party apps like Ride with GPS, letting cyclists overlay their maps with rearview radar alerts. The Varia RVR315 features up to seven hours of battery life

A complete Garmin cycling ecosystem

with a Tacx indoor trainer so cyclists can ride whenever they want.3 Safety and smart features let cyclists stay connected while out for a ride.2

For added confidence while riding, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus are compatible with the Varia line of cycling awareness devices so riders can see and be seen.

Pricing and availability

The Edge and Varia series of products are available at all Garmin authorised retailers and Tacx range of indoor cycling products are available at Khcycle, 1110 East Coast Parkway, #01-08, Cyclist Park (Car Park D3). The Edge series is also available online on, Lazada and Shopee and the Varia series is available on Lazada and Shopee.

The suggested retail prices are as follows; all prices listed are in Singapore Dollars.


Edge 130 Plus $299
Edge 1030 Plus $899


NEO Bike Smart $4,449
NEO 2T Smart $1,999
Flux 2 Smart $1,269
Flux S Smart $1,049


RTL515 $299

Garmin’s ever-expanding fitness segment develops technologies to enhance and promote healthy and active lifestyles. Whether users are runners, cyclists, swimmers, multisport athletes, or simply looking to stay active throughout the day, there is a product that can help them reach their health and fitness goals. Other Garmin fitness brands include Tacx – a market leader and manufacturer of indoor bike trainers, accessories and indoor training software and applications. To learn more, visit

For more than 30 years, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigation and wireless devices and applications that are designed for people who live an active lifestyle. Garmin serves five primary markets, including automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation. For more information, visit Garmin's virtual pressroom at or follow us at, and

¹When paired with compatible sensors
² When paired with a compatible smartphone; see For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see
³ Available on the Edge 1030 Plus with support coming soon to the Edge 130 Plus

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