Interactive hidden touchscreen display

We endeavored to allow users to obtain more information from a minimalist watch: An OLED touchscreen has been embedded underneath a custom-made dial that adopts an optical grade thin-film substrate. When you need to inspect basic personal activity status and alert notifications, you can tap and swipe to stay on top of things instantly; when you are finished, the function then recedes into the background, while the display returns to the classic analog watch interface.

Explore beautiful and innovative moments

While making accurate, dependable watches, Garmin continues to explore how to make the most of its advantages to create entirely unique user experiences. Different from ordinary electronic watch dials, Garmin’s watches are customized with a texture akin to metal, allowing for a harmonious coexistence of the traditional analog display with the digital display. The result is a deeper interaction and bond between the user and the watch. A display experience, based on Garmin's choice of optical grade thin-film substrate, that combines the avant-garde with smart technology.

Present multiple layers of information all on one face

Optical-Grade Thin-Film Substrate

Ordinary Transparent Material

Optical-Grade Thin-Film Substrate

Ordinary Transparent Material

A smart watch dial with multiple layers

Information on other OLED panels tend to be fuzzy and unclear when viewed with the naked eye, since the ordinary transparent media they use yield substandard crystallization. Garmin choose optical grade thin-film substrate, which, through control of crystal size, can reduce light scattering and allow for optimal light penetration, and thus improve clarity of OLED information displayed. When the OLED goes into standby mode, special rising-sun patterns and metallic texture on the dial cleverly hide the panel, making it seem to vanish from the dial, striking a perfect balance between stealthiness and display.

An ideal material, stable and controllable

Optical-grade thin-film substrate has an extremely symmetrical molecular structure and a high crystallization capability. Its surface is smooth and glossy, and is characterized by good optical transparency and weather resistance. The material at the same time features high wear resistance and hardness as well as the greatest tenacity among all thermoplastic plastics. After special processing, it can be turned into a high-tensile, transparent, heat-resistant, precision thin film with stable size.

Creating a watch face with a semi-metallic finish

Metal is an impervious material that permits easy surface processing but is impervious to light. It is extremely difficult to process and create granular surfaces with similar, high quality textures using materials other than metal. The optical-grade thin-film material chosen by Garmin not only solves the dilemma of RF radio information interference caused by metal materials, but also creates a glossy watch dial with an elegant "semi-metallic finish" that resembles emanating light rays generated through precision polishing and finishing.

Precision aesthetics achieved through scientific measurement

Differences in the contours of the etched grains on the watch dial are clearly visible under a laser microscope. Inferior visual effects could be created when there is inconsistency in the shape and distribution of the etched grains. Garmin leverages this state-of-the-art measurement technology to ensure a high degree of completion in every detail from prototype to mass production; the neatly-spaced, smoothly etched grooves that are clearly visible on a cross-section of the dial are the secret to creating an exquisite visual texture.

Exquisite refinement for optimal legibility

The OLED display placed at the bottom of the dial is self-luminous, unlike TFT-LCD displays which require backlighting. The watch is thus able to afford extensive viewing angles as well as excellence luminance. Delving deep into the domain of material science, Garmin has turned the watch dial into a premium watch surface featuring a matte, semi-metallic finish, thereby not only achieving full concealment of the touchscreen, but also enabling the OLED panel to remain completely hidden within the dial. The inclusion of sensitive touchscreen functionality enables data and information to flow freely through the user's fingers while being perfectly displayed on the watch surface. Aside from optimized appearance, the exquisite refinement of the watch is also greatly enhanced. Moreover, thanks to this special treatment, there is no need to worry about light overspill associated with the OLED panel on the dial as the light source is appropriately tweaked, thereby ensuring high-quality reading experiences under a number of different scenarios.

Natural wake-up gestures

3-axis acceleration magnitude from the 3D accelerometer is processed using a smart algorithm developed exclusively by Garmin, while the precision of the algorithm is enhanced through continuous data feedback. Under the premise of not affecting other normal functions and responses, the algorithm can speedily and continuously verify computing outcomes. As a result, the response device can offer timely control over the timing for lift-up and tapping, thereby ensuring a perfect user experience.

Lift to wake Tap gently to wake