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Fitting and Caring for Your Garmin Wearable

All Garmin wearables are designed for people who lead an active lifestyle, and they’re built with reliability, comfort, and good looks in mind. To get the most out of your device, follow these tips to make sure your watch is fitted comfortably and cared for properly.

Wearing your device

It’s important that you wear your Garmin watch or band in a manner that is neither too loose nor too tight. If you are experiencing discomfort or chafing, try either tightening or loosening the band. Some Garmin watches come equipped with wrist-based heart rate sensors. You may need to tighten the band a notch during workouts to ensure the watch is making solid contact with the top side of your wrist. For comfort, you may want to loosen the band after your workout. Water and sweat may also cause irritation, so make sure your watch and skin are dry once you’ve completed your workout.

Caring for your device

It’s also a good idea to regularly remove your device and thoroughly clean it in warm water to remove any dirt or soap residue that has accumulated. Avoid using any soaps or cleansers that may irritate your skin or damage the watch.

Materials like stainless steel and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) have been used in Garmin wearables for several years and our testing and history have shown that these materials are suitable for skin contact. Other materials, like silicone, have also been shown to be appropriate for skin contact. Following these simple steps will ensure your device performs as designed.